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Interior Design for a small flat in New Cairo in Egypt

interior design egyrevit flat

Spacious apartment in New Cairo in Egypt with an area of 137 sq. m. has become the center of classic elegance and modern style. The main feature of the interior is a combination of contrasting materials: cold metal and glass with warm wood and leathered details.

ايجي ريفيت تصميم

General conception 

The main criteria and wishes of the customer were functionality, modernity, and comfort.

The style which became an inspiration for EGYREVIT`s team was modern minimalism, supplemented with classic details. They emphasize the sophistication of the space and add desirable comfort.

Wood is a dominant detail in the interior. The material was used for the oak parquet floor, and for wall panels and furniture. However, the character of the space is revealed only in the combination of wood with metal and leather. This technique allowed designers to highlight the status of the customer and add notes of luxury. The apartment has two bedrooms, a living-dining room, a kitchen and two bathrooms.

Entrance lobby

The entrance lobby is represented by a spacious hall with ottomans by Minotti in the middle. There is a custom built-in wardrobe with sliding fronts on the left from the entrance. Its finish has a leather-like appearance. Inside, in addition to the storage shelves, the wardrobe hides the technological heart of the apartment – the “smart home” system. Security, intercom, light, heating, air conditioning and humidification, movement of curtains, bio-fireplace and floor heating system are controlled with its help.

The mirror, which attached to the wall with the help of invisible mount, visually expands the space. For mirrors installation, a small indentation was punched in the wall, and the mirror has been glued to the protruding part. LED lighting was added to enhance the effect.

Living-dining area 

The cooperation of wood, metal and glass can be traced in decorative and frame elements of furniture, wall and floor.

The dining area is visually separated from the living area by a portal decorated with MDF panels, similar in shade to oak parquet. A harmonious combination of textures was achieved with the help of their consistent placement according to the similarity of colors and surfaces. This move made the interior modern, but at the same time kept it close to the classic style.

The color scheme is restrained, so the interior has a calming effect on a person. Despite the contrasts, the combination of dark shades with light ones creates the necessary mood. Dark elements on the light background of the walls do not burden the space, but on the contrary – balance it.

A spacious sofa made of light textiles by the Italian manufacturer Minotti became the center of the composition in the living room. It is complemented by two Archibald leather armchairs in a warm terracotta color from the Italian manufacturer Poltrona Frau. The floor lamp behind one of the armchairs is from the Italian brand Venicem. The central wall is reserved for a system of storage shelves. The 85-inch plasma is in the center. Bio-fireplace is located right below it in a special niche. Upon finding out that the customer collects vinyl records, the authors of the project reinforced the shelves with a metal frame. 

A dining area was arranged on the other side, opposite the spacious windows. It is represented by a round Wedge dining table with a marble top surrounded by dining chairs Shelley from Minotti. The play of light is provided by the main Emile Round chandelier from the American manufacturer Restoration Hardware with brass elements. And also exquisite Gianfranco Ferre sconces. They add a certain elegance to the room.


In the kitchen, the accent is on textures. The dominant shades are warm beige and graphite gray. Most facades are made in a dark graphite color, but the upper ones are beige. In combination with the natural light which enters through the balcony doors, the space visually seems larger and lighter.

In addition, the dark graphite shade emphasizes the work surface made from light stone. The tabletop is also covered in this color. Its warm shade and brown veins have something in common with the parquet on the floor. Behind the tabletop there are several places to sit. The choice fell on DejaVu bar stools with soft seats and textile upholstery by Gio Pagani. A hanging showcase with lighting inside was placed opposite in the corner.

There are several lighting scenarios. In addition to the main track lights in the kitchen above the island, Juniper-design pendant light consisting of two elements is installed.

Main bedroom

There is a wardrobe equipped with presence sensors right at the entrance to the master bedroom. The door system is from the Italian factory Rimadesio.

The work zone is the first thing that attracts attention in the room. It`s represented by a black wooden desk by Minotti and a laconic chair in a light cream shade of the same brand. Those two elements create contrast in the room. A laconic table lamp from an American brand JUNIPER is picked for lighting.

The ALYS bed by B&B Italia with a light headboard located in the center of the room. Bedside tables are placed on both sides. A more concise and strict cabinet with a glass surface of the correct geometric shape by Minotti was chosen for the man`s area. For the female half designers choose more elegant round sideboard with a corrugated base by Shake. Libra lamps by Way Point hang on each side of the bed. Brass surfaces stand out against the wall with leather-like panels and terracotta stitched lines. Such accent details became the leitmotif of the interior. 

A comfortable place for reading or relaxing is near the windows. Archibald King armchair with an ottoman by Poltrona Frau can be found there. The floor lamp behind is also of the JUNIPER brand.

The entrance to the main bathroom is hidden behind the installation door – it is decorated with the same panels as the walls. Large-format white marble-like with black veins ceramic granite slabs of 3.5 * 1.5 m by  Ariostea factory were used for the walls, floor, and partially the ceiling. The minimalist design of the bathroom has similar elements with the bedroom. For example, a corrugated cabinet under the washbasin. The sanitary ware and accessories are from the Italian manufacturers Gessi and Antonio Lupi. A massive round mirror with a backlight was hung on the wall. Lamp Signal by French factory CVL Luminaires is next to it. 

Children`s room

Second room is suitable for a teen girl. Gentle powder shade supplemented by white color predominates in the decoration of the interior. Custom massive bed is in the center of the room. The bedside table, dressing-table and desktop are made on order in a white color. The Jacquelinе Bowl lamp of the Flexlite factory harmoniously fits into the concept of children`s room because it resembles soap bubbles.

Guest bathroom is located nearby. Same large-format ceramic granite slabs, but of a darker shade, from the Graniti Fiandre factory were used in the decoration. The dark gamut was emphasized by the illumination of the American brand JUNIPER. Plumbing manufactured by masters of Gessi and Antonio Lupi companies.

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