BIM Service

What is BIM Modeling?

The acronym BIM stands for Building Information Modeling and refers to a complex process of creating and managing complete digital representations of a construction project or facility. It is commonly used in architecture, engineering, real estate and construction.

BIM Modeling applies various tools and technologies to create a 3D data rich model allowing EGYREVIT specialists to optimize all aspects of a building project, from its design, through construction and operations. Among the main advantages of BIM modeling, there is better understanding of the relationship between space and data, a reduction of field-related and safety issues, increased workflow efficiency, faster delivery, just to name a few.

Having become a new standard in modern industries as well as the real-estate sector, BIM is a very promising tool for the future, given its compatibility with the IoT technologies.

The Benefits of Our BIM Modeling Services

BIM modeling has revolutionized project design and construction workflows for the industry. More than just 3D geometry, our BIM modeling services are a complete process for managing information that comes along with a project.

BIM’s data benefits are undeniable. Taking advantage of our high-quality BIM modeling services throughout the lifecycle of your project can improve overall building efficiency by as much as 55% and post-build performance by 35%, while dramatically reducing costs associated with wasted materials, construction inefficiencies, scheduling conflicts, and more.

Major BIM modeling benefits include:

  1. The ability to validate building designs for cost, site feasibility, performance analysis, and to quickly correct design elements based on data analysis;
  2. Visualizing complex concepts in three dimensions;
  3. Provide a real-time analysis and updates on costs, scheduling, and project timelines;
  4. Improve project coordination and detect conflicts or clashes before they occur;
  5. Vastly improve workflows and productivity;
  6. Mitigate risks early;
  7. Ensure adherence to data standards;
  8. Manage data across the entire project lifecycle and link data to geometry

3D BIM Modeling Services

EGYREVIT also offers 3D, like our Digital Constructability Model Services, which is an integral part of the overall BIM modeling process. While these tools have been used for decades in a wide variety of industries — including architectural and building design — their integration into the BIM umbrella has allowed designers and project managers to harness the power of data and turbocharge the entire built environment project lifecycle.

Our team works with a vast array of platforms, from Revit BIM modeling to a variety of industry-leading 3D BIM software that provide pre-construction project controls to building operations and digital facilities management.

Why EGYREVIT Leads BIM Services

While professionals may have extensive experience with 3D tools, many lack the experience to undertake an effective, fully-integrated BIM process. BIM modeling best practices continue to evolve, and partnering with the leading BIM services provider can dramatically improve project efficiency, all while staying within budget without having to incur the cost of training, staff recruitment, and software applications.

Having a Third-Party provider allows for independent model validation, and data integrity verification – EGYREVIT works closely with our partners to review constructability, design feasibility, and data cleanliness. Outsourcing your BIM modeling needs to EGYREVIT is a value added and efficient way to bring all the advantages of the BIM modeling process to your project. Supported by a team of experts with experience working on over 2,000 projects around the world, we can boost productivity, enhance collaboration, and prevent cost overruns.

BIM Services: Who we work with

EGYREVIT prides itself on working with some of the leaders in real estate. We have assisted numerous real estate owners, contractors, architects, and engineers who required BIM services. For all of them, the partnership with our leaders has meant better outcomes, improved quality, and project optimization. With our wide range of BIM Service, including Structural BIM, Architectural Drafting, MEP BIM Services, and many more, EGYREVIT is sure to offer the BIM service you’ve been looking for to take your project to the next level.

Several of our leading projects have been featured in leading publications such as ENR, BD+C, and Arch Daily.  Our firm has also won multiple awards for pushing the industry forward.

How Our Team Can Help with BIM Modeling Services

No matter what sector, industry or country you come from, you are bound to find EGYREVIT a valuable partner. Thanks to our experience and firm leadership, we will provide the right solution to any of your BIM modeling needs and requirements, all while considering your budget. Feel free to contact us either by filling the form below or giving us a call. Our leading experts will get back to you in less than 24 hours with a tailored solution you’ve been looking for.

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