Innovative solutions for buildings

Buildings pose high demands in terms of safety, sustainability, design and function. We are able to assist you in every aspect while keeping a close eye on costs and environmental impact.

EGYREVIT helps develop the business of contractors, property owners and tenants. For clients in private, public and commercial properties.

We help with project and cost management, and provide climate conscious yet cost effective solutions throughout the process. From the drawing board to when the finished building is taken into use.

EGYREVIT introduces Feasibility studies, Basement design, Concept tender and detailed design, Construction methodology information, Monitoring on-site, Temporary works design, Refurbishment & restoration, Listed buildings and conservation management, Structural surveying, Structural stability design and assessment, Site supervision & inspection, Structural safety inspections, Investigation and repair of damaged buildings, Structural auditing, Pre-acquisition/due diligence surveys, Value Engineering.

Structural engineering is crucial for buildings and other structures such as bridges and railway lines. It involves taking into consideration materials, structural elements and intended functions to produce designs that prioritize stability, strength and rigidity.

Well-informed, detailed and accurate structural engineering ensures structures are durable, suitable for their purpose and make efficient use of materials.

Grid way works closely with clients and architects to provide innovative and economic structural design solutions for all types of building projects, from refurbishment and conversion schemes to new-build, as well as highway structures such as bridges and retaining walls to deliver the most efficient outcomes while maintaining the architectural vision

Calculated Design with BoQ and Specifications

Thanks to smart and energy efficient systems with low investment costs, EGYREVIT can help create functional, comfortable and attractive living environments. Adding value for construction companies and property owners alike.

EGYREVIT introduces structural design for those building (all scales and types), bridges, culverts, Dams, Walls and extends its service to road design and pipelines.

We deliver the workshop drawings and calculation sheets, EGYREVIT is modeling the structure using specialized appropriate software in line with delivering the quantities take-off and setting the bill of quantities (BoQ) for the client with the project structural specification as per the international and local building codes.

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