Al Ahli Commercial Bank

When it comes to designing a bank, those beginning steps of getting a new bank project off of the ground can be the most daunting. With so much possibility, it’s easy to find yourself stuck.

As specialists in bank architecture, we’ve partnered with thousands of financial institution owners and managers to help them execute their vision. And over time, a lot has changed—something those of you still operating branches with layouts from decades ago certainly understand. But the truth of the matter is this: even more has stayed the same.

People visit banks for many of the same reasons they did decades ago. To manage their finances, secure loans and plan their financial futures. Now, the strategies and technologies we use have evolved, but the people and their needs really haven’t.

Still, there are banks and branches out in the world today that are wildly successful, others that are just getting by and still some that find themselves below the line, month after month.

Buildings,Interior Design,Bank
450,000 m2
Saudi Arabia
Dec15th, 2012
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